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Membership and Gifts
The Presque Isle County Historical Museum is not funded by the City of Rogers City or Presque Isle County, and we still donít charge admission to the museum.  Income from memberships, gifts, and donations from visitors fund many of the museumís programs.





Individual   $25


Family        $35


Sustaining   $50


Curatorís Club $100-$499

Presidents Club $500 or more


You can join by sending a check made out to ďPICH MuseumĒ to us at P.O. Box 175, Rogers City, MI 49779.  Please indicate on the check that it is for a membership.  Your membership is deductible on both your federal and state income taxes.
Members will receive a 10% discount on items purchased when visiting the gift shop.


 The museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt organization, so your gifts of cash, securities, or life insurance proceeds are deductible on both your federal and state income taxes.  Donations to our Presque Isle County Historical Museum Endowment Fund, managed by the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan also qualify for the Michigan Community Foundation Tax Credit.  

If you are interesting in making a gift to the museum please contact us.  You can also find additional information on the Internet at



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